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    A subscription? Like for streaming services? 

    As of now, you can't just subscribe to Netflix or Spotify. Astara works the same way 😉 With Astara Move, you can subscribe to a catalogue of vehicles without having to think about all the rest. You simply pay your monthly subscription fees as well as fuel (petrol/electricity). The rest is included. 

    How do I book a car using Astara Move? 

    Simply choose the vehicle you like best, register and book. It's that easy 😄. Forget about paperwork and telephone calls, you can get it all done online. 

    What's included in the subscription?

    Taxes, insurance, maintenance, tire change, breakdown service and vignette. Additionally you get to drive 2.000 km per month. Refueling or recharging are the only extra costs.

    Is the mileage limited?

    2.000 km/month are included in your subscription. If you drive less in a month, you can make up the difference in the following month. We do not, however, reimburse you for the distance not travelled at the end of your subscription. Every additional km will be added to your bill at a cost of CHF 0.45/km.

    Do I need to pay a deposit when I register?

    You do not need to pay a deposit when you register with Astara Move. We do however encourage you to remember to return your vehicle in the same condition you received it.

    How old are the vehicles available?

    Our vehicles are all new or almost new. They are never more than a year old.

    What is the condition of the vehicle at handover?

    The vehicle will be handed over in pristine condition. When you receive your vehicle, we will check with you whether everything is fine. If you notice any problems at a later time, simply give us a call so we can have a look and help out. When you return your vehicle, our operations team will assess its condition compared to when you received it.

    How is the damage assessment done upon return?

    On the day of return we will assess the vehicle to compare whether it is in the same condition as when you received it. Please remember that your car is handed over in pristine condition and we double-check together to guarantee your satisfaction.

    Which documents do I need to present?

    Please provide your first and last names, your date of birth, your address in Switzerland and your drivers' permit. That's it!

    Do you do financial background checks?

    Yes, we will check your financial background when you register with us.

    What are the insurance conditions?

    Included in your subscription, you will receive comprehensive insurance with a deductible of CHF 1.000 + VAT per incident with a limit to two incidents.

    Here are the details of coverage:

    - Third-party liability: Third-party liability insurance covers damage to property and people incurred by your vehicle. If you are over 25 years old, you will not need to pay an excess in case of third party injury. If you are under 25 years old, the deductible in case of incident will amount to CHF 1.000 + VAT.

    - Partial cover: Incidents such as theft, fire, damages caused by natural hazards or animals as well as any wilful damage is partially covered by Glas Plus. In case of a partial coverage claim you do not need to pay any excess.

    - Collision: In case of collision your insurance will cover damage to your vehicle with a deductible of CHF 1.000 + VAT per impact.

    - Roadside assistance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, replacement vehicle included): Breakdown assistance is available n the event of a breakdown in Europe and ensures that you remain mobile.

    Important to know: You can also choose between two options to reduce your collision insurance excess:

    - Deductible CHF 500 + VAT instead of CHF 1000 + VAT for CHF 50 per month

    - Deductible CHF 200 + VAT instead of CHF 1000 + VAT for CHF 100 per month

    Who can help if I have any questions regarding my subscription?

    Our Swiss customer service center in Wallisellen (ZH) is available from Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm. In case of questions outside of these hours, please contact us by e-mail at

    Do I need to make the first payment before receiving a vehicle?

    Yes. Please remember that you can only receive your vehicle once we have received your subscription payment. We charge all fees 24 hours in advance so there are no last-minute issues :)

    Is there an age limit for the subscription?

    Our Movers need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's permit. There are no other conditions from our side!

    Can someone other than the subscription holder drive the vehicle?

    The insurance covers all people over 18 years old with a driver's permit. As long as you meet these criteria, there should be no issues. Please remember, however, it is always the insured person who is liable for any damage to the vehicle.

    Can I really switch vehicles every month?

    Your life can change at a moment's notice, and so can your vehicle. You can switch vehicles anytime, as long as you have a 1-month subscription.

    How long is my subscription valid?

    Generally speaking, you are tied for the selected period of time: 1, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. It is possible to cancel your subscription ahead of time under the following conditions.

    For monthly plans (3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months), the following contractual penalties will be charged if the subscription is cancelled prematurely:

    Before delivery of the car subscribed:

    - No penalty will be charged within 24 hours after signing the subscription.

    - After 24 hours of signing the subscription, a contractual penalty of one (1) month will be charged, subject to the initially agreed fee.

    After delivery of the subscribed vehicle:

    - 3-month plan: a penalty of one (1) month will be charged, subject to the initially agreed fee.

    - 6-month plan: two (2) months contractual penalty will be charged, subject to the initially agreed fee.

    - 12-month and 18-month plans: three (3) months contractual penalty will be charged, subject to the initially agreed fee.

    - 24-month plan: four (4) months contractual penalty will be charged, subject to the initially agreed fee.

    The subscription is then automatically extended by one month after each subscription period if you do not actively cancel it.

    When and how can I cancel my subscription?

    This is how it works: If you like it, it automatically renews. If not, a cancellation has never been easier. You just need one click. Please remember to inform us of your plans 15 days before your subscription expires.

    I cancelled my subscription, but changed my mind. Can I keep the car for another month?

    Yes, of course. Just let us know and you can keep your subscription (and your vehicle) for another month.

    I have an active one-month subscription, but I would prefer to switch to a twelve-month plan. Is that possible?

    Yes. You need to cancel your current plan and submit a new request for the 12-month-plan. We do not reimburse any fees, which is why you need to start your new subscription after the old one has ended. You will need to return your car at the end of your subscription period before receiving a new one.

    Can the vehicle be delivered to my home?

    While the handover is free of charge at one of our handover points, we will happily deliver the vehicle to your home for a fixed price of CHF 150!

    I applied for a subscription on a specific date, but then decided to bring the date forward, is that possible?

    Yes, but you must cancel the first subscription and take out a new subscription, as we cannot change the terms of a current subscription. Remember that the minimum transfer period is 10 days.

    Can I use a Blue Zone parking card with a subscription?

    Of course! We want you to feel like you're driving your very own car. Your name will be put on the vehicle's registration so you can apply for a Blue Zone parking card in your municipality.

    Living in Zürich city? Please order your card via this email address or call this number 044 411 89 16.

    Can I travel outside of Switzerland using one of your vehicles?

    Yes of course! You can use your Astara Move vehicle in Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean, with the exception of Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, the Russian Federation, Syria and Ukraine.

    Can companies take out a subscription?

    Of course! Our support team will provide an individualised solution for you and your company.

    And if I fall in love with the car... can I buy it?

    Love is in the air! Of course you can buy the car. Just let us know.

    I chose a car, but cannot make it to pick-up. Can I send someone else to pick it up for me?

    Yes, but we need to know at least 48 hours in advance. Please provide a proxy (by mail or e-mail) with the person's personal details who will pick up the car. This includes a copy of their driver's permit.

    Can I transport my pets in the car?

    Yes, you can transport your pets in the car. Please remember, however, that you will need to return the vehicle in pristine condition and we will check the car thoroughly upon return. In case of any remaining hairs we may charge an extra cleaning fee.

    What if I receive a fine?

    No worries, everyone makes mistakes! We will send you the fine. Please remember that Movers are responsible drivers, though, so: Stay safe!

    Do all Astara Move electric vehicles have a charging cable?

    Yes, all our electric vehicles have a charging cable.

    Do you offer a solution for charging on the go?

    You will receive a Swisscharge charging card with your electric car. All you have to do is create an account with Swisscharge, link the charging card offered to it and enter your credit card details. When you subsequently use the Swisscharge charging card, Astara Move is not a contracting party.

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