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Car subscription vs. leasing: the modern way to drive

3 meses ago

We face many choices in the world of mobility: Should I buy or lease a car, or is there a better alternative? Let's look at two popular options: Car subscription and leasing. Both have their pros and cons, but why is a car subscription often the smarter choice? Let's take a closer look.

What's the difference?

You've probably heard of leasing. You choose a car, pay a fixed amount each month and at the end of the contract you return the car or buy it at a predetermined price. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Car subscription, for example from Astara, is the more flexible sister of leasing. You still choose a car, but everything is included in a fixed monthly price: Insurance, maintenance, taxes and more. At the end of the minimum term (which is often much shorter than with leasing), you can simply return the car, exchange it or continue to drive it. With no long-term commitment.

The benefits of a car subscription

All-in-one: Imagine never having to worry about insurance, servicing or even changing tyres again. With a car subscription, this is a reality. Everything is included in your fixed monthly price. All you have to worry about is driving.

Flexibility: The world is changing fast and with a car subscription you can keep up. Whether you need a bigger car for your growing family or a more economical model for the city, switching is easy with an Astara car subscription.

No long-term commitment: Leases can often tie you down for years. A car subscription gives you the freedom to change, return or extend your car to suit your lifestyle.

Always drive the latest model: Technology and design evolve quickly. With a car subscription, you can keep up to date and enjoy the latest models on a regular basis.

Leasing - the classic

Of course, leasing has its advantages, such as fixed monthly payments and the option to buy the car at the end of the term. However, many people look for more flexible alternatives due to the additional costs of insurance, maintenance, and the commitment to a vehicle over a number of years.

Why the Astara car subscription is the future

We believe that mobility should be convenient, flexible and worry-free. The Astara car subscription offers you exactly that - and much more. Our car subscription gives you all the benefits of leasing without the disadvantages. It's time to take back control of your mobility and enjoy the driving experience you deserve.

Are you ready for the new freedom of mobility? Discover Astara's new car subscription and find out how easy life in the fast lane can be. Find out more about our offers and join the movement.

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